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Dear Parents, How important is overall development of your child for you? Do schools give your child all the exposure they need? Take a moment to think about it. You give your child all the necessary nutrition at home by way of wholesome food and additional supplements. However, how are you going to ensure your child gets all the required exposure for their complete growth? It is a know fact that a childs brain develops upto 90% by the age of 6. During the major growth age between 3 to 6, their brains are like sponge i.e. they absorb things around them very fast. They learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, running, jumping, thinking etc. This is the best time to give them the exposure they deserve. Timing is a crucial factor, ensuring a child gets the exposure at the right time goes a long way in ensuring the effectiveness of the exposure. This is were Advaitam has set a complete new benchmark in the education space and is getting recognized for it's committed towards the overall development of children. 

Advaitam tracks the overall development of the child using the following parameters:

Advaitam Child Enrichment Centre, HSR Layout, Bangalore conducts the best range of after school and weekend activities for kids in India. These programs have been running since 2011. These programs are a great hit with the children and have become a sort of phenomenon with parents. There is a great mix of co-curricular and extra curricular activities that your child can enrol for. These activities are spread across multiple days and timings so as to help you choose the timings as per your convenience. Parents can also avail our daycare services where the child gets dropped at our daycare directly from school and can take up activities on a daily basis. For details of daycare services click here.

Our After School & Weekend Programs (Click here for detailed timings for the programs)

The afterschool and weekend activities are available as part of the year long programs. The summer camp is a huge hit with even more activities to chose. Children should be exposed to various after school and weekend activities which will help them grow physically and intellectually. Sitting in front of the TV, mobile or gaming console for long periods is not only damaging but also slows down their brain development. The new generation parent is aware of the importance of such enrichment activities and are looking to keep their children busy with meaningful activities. Advaitam is the best place for such parents as they get to choose from multiple activities which are conducted in a secure and vibrant environment full of positive energy.

Need more information? fill the online enquiry form

Need more information? fill the online enquiry form


The curriculum for most of our programs are designed entirely by us, in-house, from scratch!. We have considered the following factors while designing the curriculum


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