English Foundation classes 

HSR Layout Bangalore

English Foundation program

As the word Advaitam means, we believe every child is UNIQUE. Hence the teaching methods need to differ to suit every child. The education system in India is slowly waking up to this reality. While it’s impossible for schools to provide individualize teaching to each child, however they are aware that not all children can grasp the one-suit-fits-all teaching approach. These children thus face challenges in a wide variety of areas like handwriting, grammar, speech and concentration. This, if not identified and intervened at appropriate time, could hamper the child’s academic performance. 

The time required for each child will vary as they respond in different ways. The program is constantly modified based on the child’s response level. Parents play a critical role in this process. Parents are constantly updated on the strategies and are advised specific activities to be carried out at home.

The English foundation program includes the following

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