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Advaitam kids daycare center, best in and near HSR Layout Bangalore

Daycare is temporarily unavailable
Please check the afterschool activities page for activities related to 3 -12 yrs.

Safety First

Safety and health is non-negotiable and we have ensured to maintain the best standards from the day we started way back in 2011.
  1. We check each and every child who enter our premises for any signs of sickness using infrared contactless thermometer. Our team are trained to identify any symptoms and ensure such children do not enter the premises and advise the parents accordingly.
  2. We ensure parent enters the premises only after the staff checks for symptoms and are wearing masks. Parents are not allowed inside without masks.
  3. Parents are not allowed inside any classroom for any reason whatsoever. if they want to talk to teachers, they can do as outside the classrooms.
  4. From the day we started, we have always worked with small group of children per batch. This not only ensures social distancing, but also results in more attention from the teachers leading to faster progress of the child. Quality of time spent by the child in our classroom is very important for us and is one of the founding principles of Advaitam.
  5. Teachers and support staff are checked daily for symptoms and wear masks throughout their time in Advaitam.
  6. All furniture, kits, books, railings, door handles etc are sanitized through out the day.
  7. Sanitizers and soaps are available in all classrooms and washrooms.
  8. All classrooms are naturally ventilated without air conditioners.
  9. All children are advised to bring their own water bottle, spoons, plates, cups, pencil box, towels, napkins, blanket, pillow, bedsheets, tissues and sanitizers.

Admissions Open

Age: 3 yrs onwards
Call 9513344121 | Click here to Whatsapp

Advaitam Daycare Timings
Monday to Friday
10:30 am to 6:30 pm  

Fee Structure

We are as transparent as it gets, no need to call or fill a form, the day care fee structure is listed right below for you. 
No hidden charges!

Registration Fees (One time Non refundable): Rs 5000/-

Monthly Fees options: Massive discount if you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months at once.

Option 1
Pay Full Year

Option 2
Pay Half Year
Option 3
Pay Quarterly

 Option 4
Pay Monthly
Rs 1200
per month
for 1 hour daily

( 32% discount )
Rs 1400
per month
for 1 hour daily

( 22% discount )
Rs 1600
per month
for 1 hour daily

( 12% discount )
Rs 1800
per month
for 1 hour daily

( Base fees )

 Extra hours fees for existing daycare children  Rs 82/- per hour
 Full day daycare (8 hrs) for one day
 Rs 700/- for full day
 Hourly Fees  (3+ yrs) For those Not enrolled  Rs 100/- per hour

Transport Van facility: Not available. Parents to arrange for transport.

Food: Not available. Parents to make arrangements for food.

Holiday Calendar 2019-20 (Click here)

We have holidays through the year and have among the least number of holidays compared to other daycare centres in India.


Team & Facilities

  • Student to facilitor ratio 7:1
  • Library with a wide variety of books suitable for different age groups
  • Huge collection of educational games and puzzles to enhance thinking skills and concentration
  • Home work support by way of ensuring child completes with basic guidance.
  • Additional paid activities your child can opt for includes arts, crafts, model building, storytelling, handwriting improvement, phonics, karate, chess, dance, abacus and more. Click here for more details.
  • CCTV based secure infrastructure
  • Day care teacher with teaching experience
  • Educated staff capable of communicating in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu & Marathi.
  • Support for feeding, toilet visits and siesta. 
  • Food to be provided by parents from home. We believe your child deserves home cooked food and parents are expected to be responsible for their nutrition. 
  • Milk provided at additional charge.
  • Transport available through external school bus service

Our Philosophy
  • We believe a day care is not about your kids spending time doing "whatever" :), it's about spending quality time doing meaningful things!
  • We also believe in making available highly trained - experienced teachers and best quality materials at your child's disposal since, we agree with you that, your child deserves nothing less than the best :)
  • Quality need not be expensive, we do not believe in charging exorbitant fees.
Day care need not be the place for mundane activities where the child dreads to go every day. Advaitam, located in HSR Layout, Bangalore, provides the best enriched day care centers and school for kids in hsr layout and nearby location with it's award winning after school and weekend activities. Advaitam is turning the day care concept on it's head and redefining the role of baby care in a childs life. The standard child care as you know it will cease to exist and will follow the enrichment centre model. 

Sample illustration: Your child's day at Advaitam's day care
  1. Based on your child's school bus schedule, the support staff wait for the school bus outside the gate.
  2. On arrival of the bus, the support staff escorts the child safely inside the day care and also ensuring the child removes the footwear and is kept in the designated space.
  3. The day care teacher chats with the child to get information on the homework support. The teacher also goes through the school diary.
  4. The support staff ensures the child has a dress change.
  5. The support staff then helps the child with the food and try their best to ensure the food is completed :). Lunch is a social environment where all the children sit together and chat over lunch.
  6. After lunch the child gets time for some free play followed by homework completion if applicable.
  7. The day care teacher checks the day care plan for each child
  8. Children who had enrolled for additional activities like phonics, art, handwriting, storytelling, dance etc are taken to designated class rooms. Additional activities are charged additional.
  9. Children who need afternoon siesta are taken to the sleeping room.
  10. The activity teachers conducts the academic or extra curricular activities as per the child's day care plan. The teachers provides regular updates on the progress with the parents.
  11. The day care teacher organizes group games, reading time and other activities. These are logged against each child for tracking and planning.
  12. Child enjoy their snack time as per schedule and socialize.
  13. As per the parents pickup schedule, the children are prepared to organize their bags and belongings and ready to go home after a happening day at Advaitam. 
  14. Children are handed over to designated persons only.
  15. The children can't wait to come back the next day :)

For more information send email to info@advaitam.in or call / whatsapp 9513344121

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