About Us

Year of establishment: 2011

Our Vision

Achieve excellence in imparting cutting edge education through enrichment programs to children across various disciplines e.g. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Arts & Craft, Performing Arts, Sports etc and help them become innovative and out of the box thinking leaders of the future.

About Us

Advaitam Global Play School and Enrichment Centre provides the best learning ecosystem through it’s path breaking approach of questioning everything in the universe. It is bringing in a paradigm shift to the way learning is facilitated.

Core Principle

We believe, so do many scientists J, that everything in this universe has originated from one “source”.  Humanity as we see is one. All people – Men, Women and Children are one. The difference lies in the intellect which drives behavior, beliefs and how we respond to the world. This makes each child unique intellectually and thus the need to facilitate learning differently.

Core Values

Integrity: Never compromise on integrity. Truth always prevails in the end. Every action that we take ensures that integrity is upheld at all times. Integrity drives ethics and fairness in dealing with everyone. Every action taken should be beyond doubt. This defines you as an individual and your standing in the universe.

Empathy: Make an effort to know the world of others around you. Put yourself in others shoes before reacting. Be sensitive and compassionate to others.

Inclusion: Nothing can be meaningful and effective without inclusion of entire spectrum of society. Always facilitate learning based on the child’s learning capability and speed. No child can be left behind in the learning journey. 


The objective of Advaitam Child Enrichment Centre is to provide uncompromising quality education to children using it’s highly successful and effective learning approach and best in class infrastructure and rich ecosystem of enrichment programs to facilitate all round growth intellectually, physically and emotionally.

Our Approach

We believe children should be encouraged to challenge conventional thinking in order to become effective future leaders. Our approach is driven by the philosophy that “change” is the only constant. Our proprietary and continuously evolving approach ensures the child gets high quality exposure to the latest in the world of education. We also believe learning cannot be effective within boundaries and restrictions imposed upon a child. At Advaitam Child Enrichment Centre, a child is encouraged to engage in activities of his/her inclination. Our interactive approach helps children to voice their thoughts among peers and benefit from cross learning.