Robotics, Aero modelling, Thinking Skills, Electronics, Engineering etc for kids


This advanced learning program takes the children in to the amazing world of science. This science program for children is available through out the weekdays and also on weekends.

We believe children need to be exposed to out-of-the-box thinking from an early age. Unlike many of the commercially oriented institutions who focus on short courses with objective to teach specific topics without a definitive outcome, our focus lies in actually ensuring the transformation of your child’s thinking skills. It’s a known fact that short term learning exposure rarely results in lifelong change in the child’s thinking. 

We believe that every child needs to have continuous learning exposure throughout their formative years when their brains are open to ideas and can be stimulated to open up new dimension in their thinking. We inculcate key traits like challenging conventional concepts and ideas by questioning the reason for it’s existence. We encourage children to ask “WHY” and  “WHY NOT” as much as possible!

Our advanced learning curriculum is based on extensive research on ways to inculcate high order thinking skills in children which are translated in to our own proprietary approach. This involves systematic hands-on exposure of your child to a combination of specialized areas like Mechanics, Electronics, Science experiments and other brain training activities. Through various achievement-oriented activities and proprietary curriculum we help children develop a positive and confident self image, feeling of independence, and self discipline. 

This continuous learn-by-doing approach not only ensures transformation of their thinking skills but also makes it a fun filled experience. At Advaitam we strive to create opportunities for every child to grow and develop vital skills necessary for the rest of their lives.

Note for parents: Dear parents, now-a-days, Robotics is the buzz word. Almost all children above 8 yrs seem to have done robotics. However, a few questions to the child about robotics will bring out the truth and open your eyes. Please read our blog

What does the KidsVigyan include

-    Basics of simple machines and complex mechanisms 

-    Pure physics and it's applications

-    Electronic circuits and parts

-    Simple non programmable robotics

-    Basics of programming

-    Advanced programming with robots


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