Chess Coaching for kids at Advaitam Smart Moves Chess Academy

Chess Coaching for kids

Advaitam Smart Moves Chess Academy

Chess coaching for kids designed to ignite passion in chess, guide them and bring out their talent. Chess helps build concentration, focus and discipline in children. Long term exposure to chess will also enhance their academic skills and overall thinking and problem solving abilities. Children typically get their initial exposure to chess through their parents. However if the parent has no formal chess training then the child's skill will not develop beyond knowing the pieces and playing casual chess. The child will soon lose interest as they will feel there is nothing further to learn. Hence even a gifted child will not be able to proceed further. 

This is where Advaitam's Smart Moves chess program is beneficial to children. We keep a long term view for each child. We know that the child needs to focus on the academics as well and hence our program is designed to give personalized attention and guidance to the child over many years.

The chess program is conducted by a team of 1800+ rated FIDE rated players lead by a FIDE master (2300+).

This program is based on systematic training and evaluation.

Strategic and tactical guidance for tournaments

Enroll today and make learning chess a fun and exciting activity!