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Theater Drama Speech for kids, HSR Layout, Bangalore

The Theater / Drama Programme (6 - 14 yrs): This is a must have program for kids who are interested in drama and theatre. This program is conducted by professional theatre artist group. The curriculum is designed with children in mind and hence is very relevant to their world. The enjoyment factor will be similar to the hugely popular summer camp held at Advaitam earlier.


  • Introduction to theatre: Introduces children to basics of theatre, terminologies and elements.
  • Skill development: Help kids to understand, interpret and come up with creative solutions. Build confidence, creative in their thought process, more at-tentative, helps to build conversation skills.
  • Concentration: Helps in involving in tasks and give room to broaden their thinking.
  • Improvisation: Helps to initiate, listening skills, to accept others perception, active choices, to be in the character.
  • Team Building: breaks the barrier, helps to build relationships, facilitate better communication
  • Voice modulation: Helps the kids speak fluently without hesitation, understand the importance of breathing, analyze voice quality and levels, helps to differentiate between tone and modulation. Initiate listening skills, to accept others perspective, active choices, to be in the character.
  • Emotions: Understanding the sentiments and emotions, to emote without words, to relate emotions with dialogues through feelings.
  • Body Language: Associating and emotions with body stance and body posture, expressive usage of the body according to the situation, analyzing the situation and mood based on opposite characters body stance, gestures and postures.
  • Stage aspects: Understanding Do's and Don'ts on stage.
  • Lights, Makeup and Costume: Help understand the basic usage of lights, make-up and costume in theatre through visual aids.

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