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    Daily After School Activities | Age: 1.5+

Available throughout the year | Select activities as per your child’s interest | Academic enrichment activity packages for preschoolers | Conducted by experienced teachers | Enrol anytime of the year or month
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Day Care | Age 1.5+

Advaitam Daycare HSR Layout

Secure infrastructure | Flexible hourly / monthly options available | Homework support | Extracurricular counselling & support | Tons of after school activities to choose
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Playgroup | Age 1.5 - 3

Advaitam Playgroup HSR Layout

Experiential & Hands-on approach | Highly evolved curriculum | World class learning aids | Secure child friendly environment | Excellent infrastructure | Admissions open for year 2019 - 20!
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Incredible Summer Camp | Age 1.5 - 15



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