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Handwriting Improvement program for kids HSR Layout Bangalore

This is an exclusive handwriting improvement program to improve legibility, fine tune and speed. 

Why this program?
  • This program is designed grounds up by experienced special educator based on hands-on experience in working with hundreds of children with handwriting issues e.g. Dysgraphia. 
  • Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Often the simplest changes gives the biggest outcome.
  • Adheres to standards followed by most education boards in India
  • This unique program not only deals with each child individually but also stresses on the teaching approach of the teacher. Without an effective approach the outcome for the child will never be satisfactory.
The importance of good handwriting is known to most. Even Mahatma Gandhi has stressed how important good handwriting is as part of a childs education.

Following are some key elements regarding handwriting:
  • Good neat handwriting implies better fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.
  • Good handwriting right from childhood will eliminate undue stress on the child to write legibly and avoid losing marks in exams.
  • Your handwriting is often seen as a part of your personality similar to dressing, speech, behaviour etc.
  • In this digital age most of the gadgets are now accepting "scribbling" and moving away from keyboards.
  • Handwriting is said to be a very personal skill based on how our brain is wired. Each person has an unique style. Hence if someone develops bad handwriting, the unlearning needs a lot of focused effort.

How to improve cursive handwriting for kids especially in the English alphabet is a challenge for many parents. Beautiful, neat and stylish handwriting is becoming a rarity. The best way to improvement cursive handwriting be it capital or small alphabets is by thorough practice. Our handwriting classes are designed to being permanent change in the handwriting. If you are not near our centre them you can search for other good handwriting classes near your home.


1. LEARNING TO WRITE (4 to 6 years)
Duration: 3 to 6 months (Duration may vary for each child)

2. ADVANCED WRITER (7 to 12 years)
Duration: 3 to 10 months (Duration may vary for each child)