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Readymade Origami India

Premium Quality Readymade Origami paper Butterfly

We are among the best origami training centre in India. We say this because of the following
  • We have dedicated Origami training course for children since 2011.
  • Our Origami sessions are also televised in multiple episodes on TV due to the depth of the activities.
  • We use authentic origami paper which produce crisp folds which retain it's folds for a very long time and vibrant colours which gives it an out of the world look :)
  • We have stringent quality control which ensures the best is delivered to you. We believe in quality and deliver only quality.
  • Origami is an ART, hence skill of the "Origamist" matters, it is similar to any artist or sculptor. 
  • This is 100% handicraft. It cannot be produced in bulk using machines. Hence we request you to appreciate this fact.
  • Every order is custom made since every order has some unique features like size, colours etc.
  • Approximate per piece cost for origami butterfly is Rs 17/-. 
  • Delivery charges additional on actuals
  • Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces

Ready made Origami Cranes in multiple colours

  • Handmade
  • Butterfly made from 12cm x 12cm or 14cm x 14cm paper
  • Colours may vary from that shown in the image below and based on availability. We will try our best to provide same colours. 
  • These butterflys are ideal for corporate events decorations, birthday parties, home decorations, office decorations etc
  • The cranes will be shipped flat. They can be inflated by pulling apart the wings. Avoid pulling the wings hard as it will tear the paper.
  • Please allow production time of approx 7 working days for 100 pieces and 15 working days for up to 300 pieces

Click image to Enlarge

Click image to Enlarge