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Origami Quilling Paper Craft at HSR Layout

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This program is intended to give exposure to the marvels of craft. The key benefits include improved concentration, improved visual perception, highly enhanced fine motor skills to name a few. Craft is a very vast field similar to art and the main concern is today not many are going to the depths of craft. Craft is a very powerful medium similar to chess in improving concentration and discipline. Children who are expose to craft from an early age develop excellent fine motor skills which help them in academic areas like handwriting. This craft program lays the foundation for taking up handicrafts as an hobby or career!

The craft-o-mania program will give children tremendous exposure to craft. Due to the advanced curriculum this program is also televised on the a television channel. We use the best possible materials available so as to provide the best experience to the child.

The curriculum is thoughtfully and scientifically designed and covers the following aspects
  • Indepth Origami including mathematical concepts, modular origami, motion origami, puppet making etc
  • Quilling jewellry making, greeting cards, 3d models, animals, birds, flowers etc
  • Craft from waste and fun materials
  • Three dimensional craft and much more.

Age Group: 3 - 12 yrs

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