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After School Math program for kids

Math Genius (3 - 8 yrs)

This is one of the best after school math programs available for children in India. The objective of the math program is very simple

- To build strong foundation and make it second nature for kids
- Learn how to apply math in day to day activities as per their grade curriculum
- To generate & sustain interest in Maths thereby removing fear of math
- To make Math relevant to children

As we all know, Math is used for almost everything in life. We use it daily and it helps us make sense of information and data.

This program is designed to introduce children to math in a practical, hands-on and logical manner. This program is inline with NCERT and standard Indian boards like CBSE, ICSE & State. Children always try to make sense of things around them. Hence it is very important to introduce them to new things in a hands - on manner and Math is no exception. This program will help children get a strong foundation in Math and get rid of any Math-phobia :) they may have in a fun environment. This is more effective than Abacus in building strong math foundation.

Math Genius (3 to 8 yrs): This program is suitable for Nursery, LKG, UKG, 1st 2nd 3rd Grade.
  • Learn Math through a combination of hands-on activities and worksheets
  • In depth coverage of Pre-math concepts
  • Introduction to numbers, sequencing and enhancing memory
  • Quantification, place values, additions, subtraction, multiplication & Division

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