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Karate for kids at hsr layout

WADO Karate classes for kids

Karate is one of the best form of self defense. Children who are trained in Karate develop good focus, concentration and discipline.

At Advaitam, the karate program is an internationally recognized course conducted by 


Affiliated by: Indian Wadooryu Karate Association, All India Karate-Do Federation
Recognised by: Govt. of India, Indian Olympic Association / Indian Olympic Committee (IOC)
Member of: Asian Karate do Federation & World Karate Federation (WKF)

The Chief karate instructor and examiner is a 3rd DAN Black belt (AIKF) and 2nd DAN Black Belt (WIKF), 22 National Gold Medalist, 19 State Gold medalist, Chief Examiner of Karnataka

This program is suitable for beginner as well as existing belt holders.