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Safety First

Safety and health is non-negotiable and we have ensured to maintain the best standards from the day we started way back in 2011.
  1. We check each and every child who enter our premises for any signs of sickness. Our team are trained to identify any symptoms and ensure such children do not enter the premises and advise the parents accordingly.
  2. We ensure parent enters the premises only after the staff checks for symptoms and are wearing masks. Parents are not allowed inside without masks.
  3. Parents are not allowed inside any classroom for any reason whatsoever. if they want to talk to teachers, they can do as outside the classrooms.
  4. From the day we started, we have always worked with small group of children per batch. This not only ensures social distancing, but also results in more attention from the teachers leading to faster progress of the child. Quality of time spent by the child in our classroom is very important for us and is one of the founding principles of Advaitam.
  5. Teachers and support staff are checked daily for symptoms and wear masks while at Advaitam.
  6. All furniture, kits, books, railings, door handles etc are sanitized through out the day.
  7. Sanitizers and soaps are available in all classrooms and washrooms.
  8. All classrooms are naturally ventilated without air conditioners.

To The Best Rated Play School By Parents in HSR layout.
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Admissions Open 2020 - 2021
Age: 15 to 36 months
Admission can be taken throughout the year


Admission & Resource Fees: 4000 (Rs 8000) (50% discount)

Tuition Fees below:

 Option 1
12 months Payment

Option 2

6 months Payment
Option 3
3 Months Payment

Option 4

monthly Payment

Rs 3000 x 12
(25% discount)

Rs 3400
x 6

(15% discount)

Rs 3800 x 3

(5% discount)
Rs 4000 x 1 month

(Base fees)
Pay 36000
for 12 months
Pay 20400
for 6 months
Pay 11400
3 months

 Pay 4000 for 1 month

Class Timing
Monday to Friday
10:00AM To 1:00PM

Academic Year
June 2020 to March 2021


Our Strengths
Advanced curriculum: 
  • Modern curriculum based on NCERT recommendations and taking in to consideration the new generation child and their needs. 
  • This curriculum is designed to constantly evolve which helps us add latest and best content on the go. 
  • Focus on fundamentals and core values. We do not believe in using "standard formula" curriculum.
Trained and Experienced Teachers: 
  • Our teachers are highly effective educators and work with each and every child individually. 
  • Our teachers build a strong bond with the child which is essential while working with toddlers.
Learning environment: 
  • Our advanced curriculum and unique approach is complemented by a vibrant and secure environment which is filled with positive energy and excitement. 
  • The facility is designed to bring out the best in the child at all times.
World Class high quality learning aids: 
  • The toddler program has access to high quality learning aids from across the world. 
  • These have been handpicked to meet specific needs of our curriculum. 
  • We believe children should get the best exposure possible to help them grow with an open mind.
Our experience in hands-on approach: 
  • We conduct one of the best hands-on programs in the world. 
  • Our award winning activities e.g. KidsVigyan, Handwriting, Arts & Crafts, Phonics, Math Genius, Spelling Champ, Speak UP etc, are acknowledged the best enrichment programs. 
  • We have drawn a huge amount of learning from these programs and included it in to the toddler program environment. 
  • This has brought in a paradigm shift in the way early childhood education is conducted.

Our Curriculum

Social Skills and Personality development

Interacting in a social environment is essential while growing. Children need to be made aware of how to respect the personal space of others. This needs to be done by keeping their unique personality intact. Kids at Advaitam are encouraged to develop their personality in an unrestricted manner and at the same time learn to communicate with others. Build their speech and vocabulary starts happens at this stage. This also brings them in touch with their emotional side and how to deal with it.

Motor Skills Learning

This is one of the most important aspects of early childhood development. Motors skills learnt during the formative years are largely responsible for growing in to healthy adults. As adults how they walk, run, swim, write, draw etc is determined at this age. Our programs are designed to exercise the right muscle groups at the right time and duration to ensure proper motor skills are developed during the cognitive and associative phase of learning.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Activities like writing, playing piano etc requires small muscle groups to work together. Our carefully designed activities ensures these muscles are exercised steadily and incrementally. This ensures proper readiness during pre-primary and primary grades.
  • Gross Motor Skills: These are generally associated with dancing, swimming, balancing etc where large muscle groups work in sync. Appropriately designed activities and games ensure these muscles are activated frequently.
Observation Skills

This is probably one of the most neglected aspects of early child development. Observation is one of the most powerful way to learn anything. The act of observation brings in focus, concentration and curiosity in to the human nature. Scientists/Inventors are examples of people using observations to find solutions to various real life problems. We are all observing things around us all the time, but how to make sense of it is a totally different skill. Our learning approach involves children to make sense by their observations from a very young age.

Creativity and Imagination

Creativity is not only related to art and craft but to all areas be it sports, science, writing etc. Creativity is trait which needs to be inculcated and encouraged right from the early childhood. During the early years arts and crafts is one of the best medium to encourage creativity. Imagination is another word for being creative. Creativity is one of the key aspects nurtured at Advaitam. This calls for providing "imaginative" :) exposure to various "creative" ways of thinking and doing. Story telling & picture reading are key aspects practiced at Advaitam to assist creative thinking.

Logic, Technology and Science

Developing a logical view of the world is rarely focused upon even as adults. When children observe the world around them, they are constantly trying to make sense of why something is happening. Facilitating them to understand the "WHY" part is of utmost importance. This inculcates curiosity and exploration. Logical thinking is inherent to technology / science concepts. Understanding how the world works and why we do certain things goes a long way in making the child ready and receptive to the new age world.

How will your child benefit from our playgroup?
  • Your child's core motor skills will be developed completely which will help them in developing good handwriting skills and art (drawing, colouring) skills as they enter primary school.
  • The foundation on alphabets, numbers and world around them will be strongly built.
  • Their listening skills will be highly evolved to grasp what is being taught in class.
  • Your child will be completely comfortable and confident in a regular schooling environment and will find it easy to adapt to school routine.
  • They will be comfortable socially like in making new friends and interact with teachers.
  • They will get a good start to speech and vocabulary building.
  • Your child will be aware of basic etiquettes such as eating food and toilet.
  • Our science and logical exposure will help them to make sense of the things they learn and process information to the fullest.

Transport: Transport is available through external child transport specialist service.

Admissions to main stream school

Children from our playgroup will be recommended to one of the leading CBSE school in HSR Layout for nursery admission.
Our children have got admission to nursery in these schools
  • Cambridge Public School, HSR Layout
  • Freedom International School, HSR layout
  • Mount Litera Zee School, Haralur, HSR Extn
  • Narayana Olympiad School, Haralur
  • Vibgyor High School, Haralur
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